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You can visit our office seven days a week but we only attend to investment of $250,000 and Above in the Office

Payment is paid Monday through Sunday( Seven days a week including public holidays )


One Queen Street East, Suite 4000, Toronto, ON M5C 2W5 Canada.

40 Portman Square, 2nd Floor,London,W1H 6LT United Kingdom.

Canada Office Phone Number +1 647-243-6408.

UK Office Phone Number +441133280567

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Jun-19-2016 11:51:19 PM
Dear Sir/Ma,
For you information,we are real trader and invest in DIAMOND and REAL ESTATE aside forex.That is why it is possible for us to send hourly profit but notwithstanding members can only invest in the hourly plan thrice a day and this does not mean that you can invest in each of the hourly plan 3 times.It is a total of 3 times in all and perhaps you understand the company policy now.

At the moment, we accept Perfectmoney,Bitcoin,Payeer,Stp,skrill,okpay,neteller and Western Union.Note that profit from all plans are accrued to member's account and can be withdrawn every day to any of the above e-currency without any fees or hidden charges.

It is very important for members to understand that we are only dealing with legitimate investors with government backed ID.And it is important for you to understand that members can only invest invest 3 times in the hourly plan and the system will automatically calculate the maximum profit you can earn within a month.It is also paramount for you to know that all profit and investment is instant and automatic.And you can not make multiple withdraw at the same time.

Canada Office Phone Number +1 647-243-6408.
UK Office Phone Number +441133280567
May-29-2016 05:21:05 PM
Server is upgraded
We are glad to inform our members that we are now the first program that allow investment in Bitcoin,Perfectmoney,Payeer,Okpay,Solidtrustpay,Skrill,Western union,and bank wire.So now you can invest through any of the payment system above and at the same time you can monitor your investment 24 hours a day through our new hotline +441133280567 and +16472436408

You have nothing to worry about, we are working 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. So you can invest during the weekends and public holiday and also get your payment too.In celebrating our 10TH year anniversary,and all investment from any e-currency will attract 200% profit after one hour.All investment will become double immediately.Have a great day.


Subsidiary of Canada's Giant Pension funds
Most Reliable & Secure Online Investment!
May-29-2016 05:18:26 PM
Breaking News
1.You can only invest in the Hourly Plan three times in a day.

2.Once your profit has accumulated to the maximum monthly profit you will need to apply for withdraw immediately

3.Contact us for our STP,NETELLER and SKRILL account if you wish to invest in three e-currencies.

4.Minimum for the three e-currencies is now $250 and no minimum for other e-currencies

5.Maximum you can withdraw in a day is $150,000 to e-currencies and $250,000 for bank wire

6.Members are permitted to operate a maximum of five accounts with one ip address.


8.Payment is paid Monday through Sunday( Seven days a week including public holidays )

9.The maximum amount any investors can withdraw in a day through e-currency is $150,000 and through bank transfer is $250,000.This is done to prevent money laundering and Protect the money policy of various membership countries.

10.All deposit are processed to depositor's account instantly and that is why it is necessary to always click on confirmation page during deposit until you get a message that your deposit has been received.

Canada Office Phone Number +1 647-243-6408.
UK Office Phone Number +441133280567
May-13-2016 10:12:50 AM
Neteller and STP
Please note that the minimum deposit for STP,SKRILL and NETELLER is $250
Jan-21-2016 09:29:58 AM
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