Frequently asked questions
What is this site about?
This is official website of MyPension Ltd, which offers investment services. Here you can invest money and receive income.

What is MyPension Program?
MyPension Ltd is registered company that provides investment services in accordance with the laws of Great Britain and involved in trading on Forex market and trades cryptocurrency.

What is the investment proposal of MyPension Ltd?
Our proposal is long-term - we are planning to build stable earning system for the next few years. In case we will decide to close current investment project we will inform you in advance.

This is my first time at your website. Where do I begin?
We recommend that you read about activities of MyPension Ltd and familiarize yourself with our investment proposal on home page. After that, you can register an account and start investing.

I am not in Canada. Can I invest here?
Yes, MyPension Ltd is international company and anyone can be its investor regardless of his country of residence.

How many accounts can I register and use?
We recommend that you register once and use one account for earning.

Can my friends and relatives use my PC to register?
Yes, of course.

I cannot access my account, how to solve this problem?
Use the "Forgot password" function on the website. Enter your email address to get verification code. After use that code, check your email once again and find your new password there.

Can I visit your office to meet your traders?
Business model of MyPension Ltd is about online trading. That's why we do not need to have open offices or other premises. However, we regularly meet in Canada with our investors which have deposits of $20,000 and more.

How do I start investing with MyPension Ltd?
To start the cooperation with MyPension Ltd you need to fill out the registration form. Presence an account is a requirement for every investor.

What payment methods can I use to invest?
MyPension Ltd accepts deposits made through Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum, BitCoin Cash and Dash.

Can I lose money?
There is no risk investing with us based on various money and investment methodology used by professionals managing the company.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit?
You can invest from $20 to $500,000.

How many deposits can I have at the same time?
You can make multiple deposits at the same time. They are not combined, and each of your deposit will have its own terms.

How quickly will deposit credited?
Your deposit will be credited as soon as you send payment. In case you invest cryptocurrency, deposit will be added after 3 network confirmations.

When will I get my deposit back, is it included in profit or not?
Your deposit is included in total return.

Do you offer compounding?
Yes, we do for daily plans.

What is the investment proposal of MyPension Ltd?
Please familiarize yourself with detailed investment plans on home page.

Where can I see my profit?
Your profit displayed on account balance.

What are limits for withdrawals of profits?
You can withdraw any amount not less than $0.1.

How fast are withdrawal requests processed?
All withdrawal requests are processed manually; usually it takes up to 24 hours.

Can I invest through Perfect Money and withdraw my profit later using other payment processor?
No, you can only use same payment processor to invest and withdraw.

Do you offer affiliate program?
Yes, MyPension Ltd offers the affiliate program, detailed information is on home page.

How and where I can attract new investors using my referral link?
First, find referral link and other tools (banners) for attracting referrals in your account. Share this link with your friends or use banners on websites, which are available to you. When someone clicks on this link to register, he becomes your referral.

Why I can't see any contact details of my referrals?
MyPension Ltd respects the privacy our clients and do our best to protect them from spam. Therefore, we do not publish any contact information on our website.

We are ready to solve any of your problems and answer any of your questions regarding online investments - for this you just write to us via email and feedback form or call.

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